Key Strategies to Growing Cruise Sales

Growing your cruise sales each year takes work, so utilizing the right tools and key strategies is imperative when it comes to successfully running your business. Implementing these three strategies will help contribute to your bottom line and increase productivity.

Master Top Cruise Products
—Develop relationships with cruise lines’ local Business Development Managers and they will invest in your success. They will share tips and strategies for success and can be a wealth of knowledge in helping you build your business.

—Educate yourself by taking online courses that will teach you about new ships, destinations and promotions.

—Find a niche and set yourself apart from the competition. Choose something you are passionate about and you can’t lose.

—Become an expert. For example, if you highlight a new destination and become a specialist in new key ports, customers will seek you for booking after booking in no time.

The Art of Selling

—Perfect your selling skills and be more than an order taker. Order takers are for online purchases, while a true travel professional is a trusted sales person to the core.

—Offer unique destinations to your clients that they may not have thought of. Suggesting destinations beyond the Caribbean such as Alaska or Europe could be the key to sparking your client’s next getaway.

—Focus on value rather than price. Explain the advantages of value-add amenities such as specialty dining, prepaid gratuities and beverage packages.

—Promote Complete Packaged Vacations that include all travel components (hotels, transfers, excursions, travel insurance, etc.). Bundling simplifies things for your clients and makes it harder for your competition to them away.

Build Your Brand and Network

—Explain the benefits and value your personal service offers clients and debunk the myth that going direct saves money.

—Brand yourself as the expert, promoting your expertise and experience to attract first-time cruisers. If you are with a franchise company, such as Cruise Planners, leverage the branding to your benefit.

—Network by getting out of your work environment and meeting people. Explain how you can design a seamless vacation experience for them.

—Call (don’t just email) existing clients who don’t have a current booking. Ask how you can help plan their next vacation.

The best way to make sure you are able to focus on cruise and land sales is to ensure back-end busy work isn’t bogging you down. Joining a franchise company such as Cruise Planners allows you to be your own boss, earn the highest commission and have the support of a Home Office Team.

Cruise Planners is a business-in-a-box, with proprietary approaches to marketing, technology, support and training combined with a fun and inspiring culture of success. Add in the credibility and exclusive programs of the American Express Travel affiliation and you have a winning combination that keeps you productive, successful and ahead of the rest.